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Complete Chamber Works of Carlos Chávez Volume 1
2003 GRAMMY® Award Winner: Best Small Ensemble
"This is the fascinating first issue in Southwest's projected four-volume edition of the complete chamber music of Carlos Chávez. The performances are strong and whet the appetite for the remainder of the series."
--Chris Pasles, Los Angeles Times

"Whatever his musical style, harsh or mellifluous, it is the music of a personality, one of the most striking of our time.
--Aaron Copland

"Chávez the composer has always triumphed through integrity, and suffered for it as well. He has never sought to be "fashionable," but has consistently maintained the vigorous personality of his own voice.
--Leonard Bernstein

"In the long run Chávez will probably be more important than Stravinsky."
--Lou Harrison
Southwest Chamber Music and Cambria Master Recordings are proud to announce the release of Volume I of the first complete recording of the chamber music of Carlos Chávez. Read more...

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